{The Maelstrom to Inferno}

Balance Dichotomy Perspective

featuring: The eye of The Beholder

(acrylic paint on two 34"x52" canvases) 2010

The Keepers of Perception

featuring Cosmos Spiral and Blue Jewel

(acrylic paint on graphite drawing on 24"x18" canvas) 2013

The Human planes of existence occasionally produce anomalies that are capable of witnessing Scion and SeKtor Seeker phenomenon, but the anomalies rarely react in any way, often consciously brushing it off as anything else. In the above painting we can see through the perspective of a humanoid artist's eyes on Earth.

Even more uncommonly, however possible, are considerably influential reactions from said anomalies to which an observing Scion may activate control systems of a reality in order neutralize an alarm for premature reality mergeance or collapse if pending. A Scion's primary directive is to the benefit of The Work of The Keepers of Perception.

Super Power

(acrylic paint on 16"x20" panel) 2015

This Scion is seen combing the edge of a plane just below it's reality's ground level,

Not far into The Great Void (lower level in the above illustration). The two obedient coil serpents assist in the gathering of applicable information to the Scion's goals, with something in sight to the left side of the Scion (right side of the observer).

Coil serpents absorb information by consuming it. As a Scion explores various sectors of its reality clusters their coil serpents (also known as SeKtor Seekers) devour the information within the proximity parameters of their Scion. The absorbed information is then cataloged into an appropriate area of the serpent's body, effectively adding to it's greater phrase of information.

{The Tree of Knowledge}

Balance Dichotomy Perspective

featuring: The eye of The Beholder

(acrylic paint on two 34"x52" canvases)

Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge

(acrylic paint on graphite drawing on 20"x24" canvas mounted on masonite panel) 2017

At it's moment of conception, every Scion is adorned with at least one coil serpent, known as a SeKtor Seeker.

The SeKtor Seeker's purpose is to  seek out, and catalogue information absorbed for the Scion's goals.

Once a Scion has achieved all of it's goals, the SeKtor Seeker will guide it back to the frequency plane of the Keepers of Perception.

Once The Scion has returned from it's journey back to the realm of The Keepers, the SeKtor Seeker is transformed into pure energy and is absorbed back into The Keepers of Perception by means of the Cosmos Spiral.

The Scion may also be absorbed by The Cosmos Spiral, but often will return to it's realms of realities in order to absorb observational information for the behalf of The Keepers of Perception, before ultimately returning to The Keepers for their final absorption and re-purposing.

The Machine to Real Fantastic Art

(Photoshop GIF made from photo of acrylic painting on graphite drawing on wood particle board) 2018


(acrylic paint on 45"x52" canvas) 2014

Helms of Perception

(acrylic paint on 30"x40" canvas) 2014

Desert Deva [DEV-aH]

(acrylic paint on 20"x16" paper on panel) 2015

At some point, for unknown reasons, an anomaly may occur when a Scion defects and can sometimes cause damage to, or completely sever from it's Sektor Seeker. The Scion shell is shed & abandoned, and often scattered explosively throughout it's realms, expelling corruption, enhancement, or sometimes both, to The Work of The Keepers. As the liberated scion is transformed it often falls into states of humanoid shapes, and/or other beast-like vessels, and/or structures in the awareness spectrums of sentient life forms existing in the realities that the expelled material has landed.

Forging Perception

(acrylic paint on graphite drawing on 76"x52" canvas) 2015

{AEther Mirror} Revolt

(acrylic paint on 30"x40" canvas) 2012

Metroploton periodicals and publications will be released with more information about The Keepers of Perception, The Scions, and stories about anomalies of the assiociated humanoid realms.

In the above Forging Perception painting we see the Keepers of Perception showcasing supreme dichotomy, completing various realms of reality.

The Yin like Keeper, known as Gravitron Alpha, works from the circumference line of a reality to the edge of its subatomic level, while the Yang like Keeper, known as Lucifer Omega, works from the circumference line of a reality to the edge of it's astronomical level.


(acrylic paint on 18"x22" canvas) 2013

Progress exists to both of The Keepers of Perception, however their goals and the fruits of their labors are often in opposition to the other. It is unknown if one Keeper is even aware of the other and vears versa.

The above painting is a creation by a male humanoid from the geia type planet commonly known as Earth. The paintings depict what could be the Keepers of Perception transforming, or sending, information by means of what could be The Cosmos Spiral.

Second Scion

(acrylic paint on 20"x16" paper on panel) 2013

The painting it's self is capable of transforming it's own material information by means of rotation to express a paradigm shift of a reality.

Harmony and Tranquility appear to be a shared sentiment of The Keepers of Perception according to the eyes of The Beholder.

Information on the mechanics of the motivations of The Keepers is currently unavailable in this reality.

Other consequences, from sources unknown, gave dawn to the Helms of Perception. The discovery of two artifacts, of unknown origin, can be found on the blue jewel planet of Earth. Depicted in the above painting are two Earth humanoids exploring the Keepers' of Perception-like technology. The humans' experiences with the technology are vastly limited by their own genetic limitations. However, unlike the true Keepers, humans are able to switch perspectives between users, by trading helms with one another, as seen in the above painting.

First Scion

(acrylic paint, water-color, ink on 9"x13" wood panel) 2014

The Keepers of Perception are essentially a modernization of Yin and Yang. They are two separate bodies that make up a singular whole. Together, they work to forge The Cosmos. Rarely is it possible for them to cross into the realms of the other, however they may in ways emulsify.

The above painting is the first ever depiction of the Keepers, seen here momentarily contemplating their next position as information moves through The Cosmos Spiral.

  • 09-Stereo Friend2:58
  • 01-Greetings (Tesla Punk)1:59
  • 02-Come to Get You3:02
  • 03-Panorama4:58
  • 04-Quake3:14
  • 05-Real Fhuking Bad A$$ Sh^t3:10
  • 06-Spring in The Fall2:44
  • 07-Voice in The Machine4:12
  • 08-Zeta4:00

As the Keepers of Perception work there can sometimes be an excess of refuse that is unsuited for purpose, and must be removed. Because they are Keepers, they are unable to destroy information completely, but they can recycle it, by breaking it down into smaller fragments, or combining it into larger fragments, creating new states of material known as "matter" on Earth.

Scions were first created for the purpose of gathering the fragments of information that have been transformed by The Keepers, to return the gathered information to their creators' to be re-purposed. Information may scatter and corrupt the completed work of The Keepers of Perception, so the Scions are also tasked with maintenance and repairs of their creators' corrupted work.

Like The Keepers of Perception, the Scions can traverse many realities, but unlike The Keepers they are free to explore both states of awareness, Alpha(Gravitron) and/or Omega(Lucifer), and may move into and out of the reality realms of both of the Keepers' creations. The Scions are however limited to only the fabric of what makes them: their goals. The Scions can only perceive information that may be gathered to complete their goals to the benefit of the work of the Keepers of Perception.